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In the News: Woodlee's Students Pay it Forward

May 4, 2011: Article in the Covington News newspaper:

Others Day Pays it Forward

Woodlee's Christian Academy students recently celebrated Others Day by performing community service and volunteer activities.

Students took a day out of regular school activities to go and serve in the community. Students served by cleaning a local widow's yard, volunteering at a women's shelter in Conyers, making goodie bags for cancer patients, cleaning forgotten church cemeteries, providing lunch for the Porterdale Police Department and other community service activities.

"The amazing thing about this event is that the work is in the hands of the students, said School Principal Bobby Fleck in a release. "Their little hands make such a huge difference in the lives of the community. They give back selflessly while paying it forward to their community."

Woodlee has held Others Day observances for seven years.
For information on Woodlee's Christian Academy, Others Day, or how you can help to support this mission, see www.woodlees.com or call (770) 788-2770.

Original article can be found online at Covington News Article

May 5, 2011: Article in the Newton Citizen newspaper:

Students pay it forward with Others Day

Students in grades K3 through 11th grades from Woodlee’s Christian Academy in Covington recently went out into the community for Others Day for a multitude of community service volunteer activities.

Students took a day out of regular school activities to go and serve in the community. Students served by cleaning a local widow’s yard, volunteering at a women’s shelter in Conyers, making goodie bags for cancer patients, cleaning forgotten church cemeteries, providing lunch for the Porterdale Police Department and other community service activities.

“The amazing thing about this event is that the work is in the hands of the students,” Bobby Fleck, principal of Woodlee’s, said. “Their little hands make such a huge difference in the lives of the community. They give back selflessly while paying it forward to their community.”

Woodlee’s has been hosting the Others Day serve-a-thon for the past seven years and has impacted many volunteer and community service programs. Some schools have a walk-a-thon or a jump-a-thon, but the school has chosen to have a serve-a-thon and allow the students to bless and impact others.

Families and students address letters and send invitations to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and businesses seeking sponsorship for the students as they go into the community to do service for others.

“Others Day is an opportunity for our students to raise money for the school by helping others,” Fleck said. “Woodlee’s is a non-profit school, so gifts for Others Day are completely tax-deductible.

Students collect donations from sponsors, then provide a service to a local organization or individual in need.”

Woodlee’s Christian Academy is a private Christian school that stands strong for family values. The education of students at Woodlee’s is taken seriously.

“The variety of volunteer and community service opportunities on Others Day teaches the students to get involved no matter what God has called them to do in life,” Fleck said. “It is essential to help others, be kind, and bless all those whom you come into contact.”

Original article can be found online at Newton Citizen Article

Others Day originated from a joint venture between Young Americans and Woodlee's Christian Academy. YACS invited WCA to join them in 2005 for this special Serve-a-Thon opportunity, and Woodlee's has continued to sponsor Others Day since this time period.

Newton Jets Football & Cheer Opportunity

The Newton County Jets is beginning its season of Football and Cheerleading fun. Registration Fee is $165.00 for ages 5-14 years old.

The Newton County Jets exists to "build healthy bodies through physical and mental conditioning and active play of the game. We intend to build strong minds by teaching every aspect and skill level of the sport to the players. We also strive to teach the concept of leadership, team work, pride, loyalty, and courage. We believe integrity, fairness and respect are the principals of good sportsmanship. With that, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest rivalry, courteous relations and graceful acceptance of the results."

For more information please contact the Newton County Jets at 678-995-JETS (5387) or visit www.ncjets1.com.

Vacancy Announcement

Woodlee’s Christian Academy is looking for an experienced and energetic educational professional to serve as principal over a staff of twenty teachers and support personnel and an approximate enrollment of 150 students in grades K3-12th. The principal will oversee the academic operations of the school, oversee the K-12 faculty, and work closely with the executive director in the development of academic budget, long range academic plans, and student policies.

Interested applicants can view the full job-description and hiring procedure online by clicking on the School Principal Vacancy Announcement.

From a letter dated March 31, 2001, Mr. Fleck writes,

The Parents and Families of Woodlee’s Christian Academy,

As I look back over my three years at Woodlee’s Christian Academy, I remember with fondness the many great victories and triumphs of God at this blessed school. I thank God daily for the grace, wisdom, and mercy which He has brought to me with each new day. I am grateful to all of the teachers, staff, board members, students, and parents that I have had the privilege to get to know. I have truly been personally blessed and enriched through these experiences.

While attending an administrative training conference in July 2010, God spoke to me concerning the vision for this current year. WCA is truly to be “a calling-prep school that produces world-changers for Jesus Christ.” I have seen the teachers and staff form a solid, focused force surrounding this vision, and the students and parents have begun to embrace this vision as well. While I feel 100% that this vision is for the school, I was also convicted personally by God through the reception and delivery of this vision.

Calling. God refocused me on this concept as well. My calling over the last three and a half years has been to be a principal and a youth pastor. God has used me incredibly in this capacity. When I think to the future, I have to revisit this thought again: To what and for what is God calling me? To be honest, I have been reawakened and reconvicted of the calling on my life.

God has used me for a season of my life to be principal of a wonderful school, but I feel He is moving me to a new venue and experience; one that will help me fully live into my calling for the rest of my life. It is for these reasons that I would like to inform the parents of Woodlee’s Christian Academy of my resignation as principal. I will finish out the 2010-2011 school year as principal, and I will also help with the transition of the new principal over the summer months. The WCA School Board and teachers have recently been made aware of my resignation as well. I want everyone to realize that I am not quitting, running, or even upset with anything which has occurred at the school. The single motivation that is leading me to this point is this: I feel completely that God is transitioning me to live out the calling that He placed on my life when I was sixteen.

The WCA School Board is working diligently to search for and hire God’s choice for principal for the years to come. I ask that you, the parents, help to make this transition smooth, and I also ask that you cling to and respect the new principal as you have done for me.

I am excited about the future as God moves me to a new phase in my life. I ask for your prayers and thoughts as I step down from principal to enter into the calling of pastor that God has placed on my life. I know that this letter does not mean good bye to our relationships; instead, I hope it means until next time.

With humble respect and may God bless you,

Mr. Bobby Fleck, Principal

UPDATE: Principal Fleck to Dye Hair Pink for Relay for Life

The school met the goal and raised over $800 for cancer research through Relay for Life. Hailey Prentiss, 7th grader, and several other students painted his hair pink as a reward for meeting the school goal. See below for the picture of his hair. More pictures can be found on the Woodlee's Facebook Page.

April 25:
It was decided last week that Mr. Fleck, principal of WCA, is in the running to have his hair sprayed pink for Relay for Life if the school reaches the goal of raising a total of $650 for Relay for Life. The person (student, parent, teacher) who purchases the most tickets for the Human Hot Dog Contest will be the lucky person who gets to spray Mr. Fleck's hair pink. Tickets are 50 cents each for the Human Hot Dog Contest and can be purchased in the office.

The school is currently over the $500 mark for fundraising, but Mr. Fleck hopes this goal will allow the students an incentive to reach this great goal.

If the school reaches the $650 mark, Mr. Fleck will have his hair sprayed on Friday, April 29 during the Relay for Life pep-rally at 1:45 p.m. Parents are invited to come to this event to support their student.

VIDEO: Others Day, April 20, 2011

Others Day is fast approaching. Students will go into the community for our annual Others Day serve-a-thon on April 20, 2011.

Congratulations to Skyler Downing and Avanne Elliott who contributed to the design of this year's Others Day winning t-shirt design. Our theme is: "The seed you plant on Others Day brings forth a harvest every day."

It is not too late to join the cause on Facebook and donate online to the Others Day Cause.

Give to Others Day through Facebook Causes

You can also donate online through Facebook Causes. Click the "Give" box below to access the Others Day Facebook Causes site and give online. You will receive an email receipt from Network for Good upon donating through Facebook Causes (note: you must have a Facebook account to give online).

Historical or Hysterical Presentation

Peter Bonner, owner of Historical or Hysterical, made history come alive to students on Monday, March 28, as the school hosted a school-wide assembly presentation.  Mr. Bonner led the students in a hands-on discussion of Native Americans and their heritage in the United States. He recounted details and interesting facts about the clothing, culture, tools, and life of Native Americans in the East and West United States.

After lunch, Mr. Bonner presented a talk on the Civil War to the Middle and High School students. This hands-on presentation focused on the weaponry, causes, details, and effects of the Civil War. Mr. Bonner brought historical and replica items and artifacts from the Civil War time period.

Mr. Bonner ended with a powerful note to the students concerning history. He urged the students to realize that overcoming adversity and challenge contained the keys to true character and godly living.

VIDEO: Student Leaders trained at School Retreat

Eighteen students from grades first through fourth at Woodlee's Christian Academy participated in a Student Leadership Ministry Retreat on Friday, March 25 through Saturday, March 26, 2011 at the FFA Camp in Covington. This retreat was led by Pastor Bob and Mrs. Aston along with Pastor Bob Cat and Cynthia. Also in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Fleck.

Students joined in worship, Bible study, prayer, training, and other activities that helped to promote leadership skills in these students. These eighteen students had a wonderful time strategizing and working together to come up with solutions and answers. Students also learned how to effectively share their faith with others.

This retreat is a part of a larger King's Castle Club program that the school will be starting at the beginning of the next school year. This club emphasizes soul winning, Christian character, and student leadership.

The Student Leadership Ministry Retreat Album can be viewed online at the link below. Parents and teachers, feel free to download and save these pictures.

Student Leadership Ministry Retreat Album

Loads of Excitement at Field Day

Students in grades K5-5th competed on March 25, 2011 at the school's annual Field Day celebration. Students enjoyed fun and crazy games as they laughed and smiled. They also participated in Olympic styled races and relays. Ms. Teresa Darr, Elementary School Elective Teacher, coordinated this year's field day with the help of many parents and teachers. This event was a great success.

Principles of Flight

Students learned about the principles of flying during a recent assembly hosted by the Newton County Flyers Association. Students were amazed as the group demonstrated the parts and functions of both model and scale planes.

Students also saw a model helicopter and airplane in action.

Animal Lab Dissections in 6th-12th Grades

Students in grades 6th-12th recently studied several animals during science class. They learned the anatomy and physiology of each animal during a mini-unit discussion. This unit culminated in the dissection of a specific animal, including fetal pig, dog shark, starfish, and frog. Many of the other elementary school classes also observed these dissections.

Hands on labs and experiments play important roles in science instruction. Students are allowed to get dirty and get involved one on one with their subject matter in a way that allows them to experience and remember the science behind what they are doing.


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